Das Wedding

The Cake

Originally we were going to have a traditional cake called a baumkuchen.  It turned out to be difficult logistically to have enough cake shipped, set up, and served.  We decided to go with a regular wedding cake instead.  Gerhard Michler, the baker, is from Austria.  This is the rough design for the cake which I'm submitting for a trial mini-cake.  The flavor is based on the opera pastry:  Jaconde cake soaked in coffee syrup, with a filling of chocolate mousse and coffee butter cream.  The outside is marzipan decorated with dark chocolate in a pattern to match our invitations.  There will also be an accent of kumquats and blueberries.   I'm currently thinking of hydrangeas and ivory anemones as the topper.


We enjoyed the Baumkuchen at the Bridal Shower instead.